We craft brilliant Machine Learning solutions.

Fast forward your business to the future, find out how Artificial Intelligence can create value for your business like never before.
Internal Analysis and Reporting of Possible Machine Learning Applications

We examine your data stack, technology and operational processes in order to deliver a report of potential Machine Learning applications you could adopt. To achieve this, we reach your offices and conduct short and in-depth interviews with your team, understanding your needs, challenges and operational procedures. We then brainstorm and come up with the highest value creating ML applications for you.

Development and Deployment of Custom Machine Learning Applications

We develop the custom Machine Learning applications you need in a cost effective way. We are always up to date with the most recent Machine Learning research literature, ensuring cutting edge technology is delivered to you. If you are already developing internally machine learning applications we also offer support, feedback and coaching throughout the development cycle.

Auditing of Data Science Stack and Machine Learning Applications

We conduct extensive, top-to-bottom audits of your machine learning algorithms, architecture, code and data science stack in order to reveal opportunities for improvements, increasing accuracy and generating more value for your company and stakeholders. We also audit the prioritisation of machine learning projects your company has committed to, to ensure you are executing the highest value creating opportunities. We then provide you with a detailed report with the findings of the audit and suggested solutions.

Corporate Workshops for Technical or Business Executives

We run workshops designed to well-inform your decision makers about the potential of machine learning technologies. The workshop includes the explanation of how the technology works, the potential benefits, use cases, optimal practices, and discusses what lies ahead for the years to come. The workshop can be targeted to business and technical executives with the possibility to extend it into a training in order to equip your technical team with the knowledge to develop, deploy and maintain machine learning applications internally over time.

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Our expertise

Computer Vision

  • Object Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Face Recognition

Anomaly & Trend Detection

  • Fraud Detection
  • Recommender Systems
  • Spam Detection

Text Processing

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Chat Bots & Conversational Agents
  • Topic Understanding


  • Schedule & Assignment Optimization
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Budget Optimization

Forecasting & Prediction

  • Failure Detection
  • Churn Prediction
  • Risk Prediction

Software Engineering

  • Application Development
  • Deployment in Production
  • Integration to Existing Processes