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BN CHF is our clients' combined revenue

We are Visium,
a team with extraordinary passion and achievements

AI for your Business

Annual savings of 16 Million CHF

Reduce unsold inventory

We were able to reduce the unsold inventory by 16M CHF using advanced demand forecasting models.


Time reduction from 30h to 30min

How ?

We reduced the time used for the chemical analysis process by 29.5 hours.

12% sales increase

B2B recommendation engine

By deploying a B2B recommendation engine to support our customer’s sales team, we increased their sales by 12.21%.

Cutting-edge AI

50% error reduction


Incorporating external data sources, we were able to improve the forecasting error by 50% in comparison to the previous method. 


85% of the techniques used were developed in the last 2 years

Newest techniques

With AI moving so fast, we are even more keen to be always up to date with the latest best practices.

> 600'000 lines of code


Every year our engineers write more than 600’000 lines of code.

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