Great attention to detail comes naturally to us, given our passion for the products we build. We transfer this quality to our overall customer experience, ensuring competency, friendliness and preparation at each interaction with our clients.


Our team is made of award winning Machine Learning and Data Science engineers who are dedicated to the constant advancement of their skills.


Our team will promptly prepare you a project plan and will be flexible to adapt to your evolving needs. From the beginning to the end of a project, we will act quickly on your requests and not have you waiting for results.


We understand the importance of confidentiality for our clients. For this reason, we take all procedural, organisational and legal precautions necessary to ensure projects are treated with the level of secrecy required.

What Our Clients Say

A team of talented and passionate professionals

“It is absolutely impressive that from hardware pairing, dataset collection and machine learning model implementation, to communication protocol deployment and performance analysis, they always look for the best solution yet deliver everything on schedule.

We appreciate all Visium members making our idea come true, and a special thanks to our point of contact who has made the communication efficient and smooth.”

Lisa Chen, Product Manager

Creative solutions that work concretely in business applications

“We have been working with Visium for just over 2 months and we are delighted with the collaboration. The team is highly skilled and very well connected in the machine learning field. But even more importantly, they are passionate and proactive in their work, finding creative solutions that work concretely in business applications.”

Laurent Rochat, Managing Director
Innovation Atelier

Super responsive and talented team

“Super responsive and talented Team. Visium allowed Draagu to do a complete assessment of candidates for our A.I lead position, both on hard and soft skills. Process was smooth and fast. Would definitely recommend them !”

Joan Bardeletti, CEO

Exceptional team of machine learning experts

“We are working with Visium on several AI projects. An exceptional team of machine learning experts, facilitators, who put themselves at the right level to communicate with all project stakeholders. Always on the lookout for the best possible solutions, with incredibly advanced and up-to-date knowledge of all the latest developments. They move from being a strategically thinking developer to being a trainer with extraordinary agility and skills.”

Laura Tocmacov Venchiarutti, Managing Director
ImpactIA Foundation