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They trust us

Upcoming frontrunner in complex and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence

“With the advent of the data revolution, I see Visium as optimally positioned to become the frontrunner when it comes to developing complex and cutting-edge artificial intelligence tailored solutions.”

Manuel Ebner, Former Partner
McKinsey & Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Seamless support with in-house developers

“We are more than happy with our collaboration with Visium. Not only did they bring better algorithms than we had chosen, but they also contributed to improving our tooling chain. They supported us seamlessly with our in-house developers and freely shared their knowledge with us. In all our exchanges their insights were valuable, they immediately understood our needs and their focus on the result was exactly what we expected.”

Timothy O’Hear, CTO

A very high-skilled and talented team

“A very high-skilled & talented team at the cutting edge of science, which have the competency to make the latest technologies in AI and machine learning accessible to companies & help them get the most value of their data.
Since I know Visium, I am impressed by their capacity to attract the best talents, create a very good team spirit, to perform technological watch to implement the latest technologies to corporates, their motivation to be at the top while living their high values.”

Caroline Coquerel-Kokocinski, Innosuisse start-up coach

Impressed with their passion and dedication in going that extra mile

“We initiated a project to better understand treatment patterns in an ultra-orphan disease setting that requires deep understanding of advanced medicine and complex epidemiology dynamics.
Visium team swiftly and brightly grasped our concepts and even went beyond our initial field of investigation, delivering additional valuable knowledge.
We were especially impressed with their passion and dedication in going that extra mile to deliver us with information and understandings that help patients with life-threatening diseases.
Thank you Hakim, Guillaume and Axel for embracing our commitment towards our patients and for all your great work.”

Antoine Janisson, Senior Manager Commercial Analytics

Visium impresses me more and more with each new project

“It has been a pleasure to watch the Visium team take the raw concepts of data science and machine learning out of the lab and into practice. They have done so across a wide range of industries and businesses, and in a very short amount of time. Companies with hundreds of thousands of employees now rely on their expertise.  They have a talented leadership team, and I’m proud to have contributed to their education.”

Professor Kenneth Younge

Delighted with the collaboration

“We have been working with Visium over the past year and we are delighted with the collaboration. The team is highly skilled and very well connected in the machine learning field. But even more importantly, they are passionate and proactive in their work, finding creative solutions that work concretely in business applications.”

Laurent Rochat, Managing Director

Impressive results in a short notice.

“Our company is a world leader in automated inspection of specific material. In this context we have worked with Visium in order to apply Assisted Deep Learning on scans of the material.

Within a period of 6 weeks, we have seen initial very impressive results which lead us to believe that Deep Learning know-how within the Visium team can out beat many control processes from experienced operators.”

Manufacturing and Quality Control Company

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