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Webinar: AI-Powered Document Classification to Empower your Business

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In just one hour this webinar will give you insights into why two large Swiss companies centralize and leverage their documents with AI. The Webinar will focus on the problem of having collected different forms of documents over the past few decades and how to solve the hassle of accessing their contents from one database. 

Philipp Wenk

Philipp Wenk is the Head of Program “digital Power Plant” at SBB AG, with an EMBA focused in intercultural Management from the University of Zürich and a Doctorate in Physics. Philipp has extensive experience in operations management, procurement, business development, and business process improvement, specifically in the transportation and energy industry. 

Yamshid Farhat

Yamshid Farhat is a data scientist and smart grid engineer at BKW AG, with a Master of Engineering from Aalborg University. At BKW Yamshid gained experience in developing innovative digital solutions based on advanced analytics, automation and AI, for a more efficient and reliable electric distribution network. Furthermore he has a history of identifying disruptive technologies that could have a positive impact on the future electric system. 

Axel Uran

Axel Uran is an Engagement Manager at Visium. He is an experienced AI speaker and AI consultant in various industries. Axel is focused on helping partners and clients leverage the ever-growing potential of AI and ML and identifying new business potentials. He has strong skills in strategic partnership, consulting and business development, complemented by an MSc in Computational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering from the EPFL.

For more information on AI Document Management check out our product page.

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