An Award-winning team of Machine Learning experts.


Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder


Chief Operating Officer


Business Development Manager


Solution Architect


Machine Learning Engineer & Project Manager


Machine Learning Engineer & Project Manager


Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer


Machine Learning Intern


Business Analyst & Executive Assistant


Business Analyst


Business Development Associate


Business Development Intern

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Multiple Publications, Conferences & Patents in Machine Learning

Academic Excellence and Scholarships at EPFL, ETH & Stanford

Outstanding Performances at Mathematics & Machine Learning Contests

Extensive Work Experience in Applied Machine Learning

Our Expertise

Computer Vision

  • Object Detection
  • Object Classification
  • Face Recognition

Anomaly & Trend Detection

  • Fraud Detection
  • Recommender Systems
  • Spam Detection

Text Processing

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Chat Bots & Conversational Agents
  • Topic Understanding


  • Schedule & Assignment Optimization
  • Delivery Optimization
  • Budget Optimization

Forecasting & Prediction

  • Failure Detection
  • Churn Prediction
  • Risk Prediction

Software Engineering

  • Application Development
  • Deployment in Production
  • Integration to Existing Processes

We Understand Business

The magic that AI practices can bring to your operations is not only made of math, data and supercomputing. In fact, Machine Learning is especially powerful when applied to the right business problems. For this reason, business expertise is a central skill among our team of consultants who will work to understand your business top to bottom, in order to be able to direct your AI investment into the best possible applications you can develop, according to your investment budget and timeframe.

Our Mission

Accelerate the adoption of Enterprise AI and advance the state of the art techniques of the field. To achieve our mission, we are committed to increase the public awareness of how Artificial Intelligence can create value for all like never before. We also plan invest our revenues in research and development activities. We aim to identify the highest value potential applications and develop them internally or in partnership with like-minded other AI startups or companies.

We craft Brilliant
Machine Learning Solutions
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